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Cold Pool but Warm Hoodies (Boring Days)

18th and 19th October

overcast 15 °C

So the last couple of days haven't been very interesting, we've been planning to go to Watson's Bay just up the coast but it hasnt happened yet. On Wednesday we decided beacuse it wasn't very sunny to stay in, we went in the freeeezing cold pool in the afternoon then came inside and got comfy and warm.... see the pictures below on the link:

Comfy Pictures

(getting comfy involved us wearing our cringeworthy matching hoodies, head turbans (mine because my hair was wet, Ashleys because he'd seen it on Ray Mears so he decided to have a go) and the ridiculous dog socks which my mum bought me from cornwall, Ashley loves them..i'm still unsure!!

On Thursday we decided that we had to go out and so decided to go to Watson's Bay, but when we got to Circular Quay we were lured into an Italian Restaurant in The Rocks by the smell, We had Bruschetta and Garlic Bread to Start and then Ashley had Tagliatelle with bacon and i had Spaghetti Marinara, and it was like the best food ever!!! Was soooooooooo Good!! After that and feeling ridiculously full we headed to the shops and bought presents for Stefan, Vicky, Brendan and Sally. After this we went back to the Harbour and had fat man ice creams, which were good even if we were a bit full. And that was basically it, we headed home, and we still havent been to Watson's Bay!!

Well i have to apologise for our uneventful days and our dull blogs, bt we have the Bridge Climb to look forward too!!

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Uggs, Hoodies, and crazy Chickens!

17th October

overcast 18 °C

Again... we didnt have a plan for today, we picked somewhere we could go for free on our travel pass, which today was 'Watsons Bay' and headed off! We called at Bondi Junction to pick up my Birthday Present, i'd been wanting this hoody from a livesavers surf shop, it said Bondi Beach on it, so Ashley said he'd buy it me for my Birthday, yey! not a bad birthday afterall!! Taking the oppurtunity of being in Bondi Junction we went to PIE FACE!! We both had wraps then Ashley had a chicken pie, and when he bit into it and saw the contents he said it looked 'Vulgs' which im thinkin meant he wasnt to keen on Pie Face's Pies, but he ate it! I went for a sweet pie, a cherry pie to be exact and it was good, i give ashley half because i thought he looked a bit disappointed with his choice! We got a juice after this, and a yoghurt, these were good and we discussed the juice bar situation in England, which apparantly isnt thriving!
After our refreshing lunch and me wearing my hoody not caring if i looked like a tourist at this point we headed to Cental Quay;the harbour; and because we were saving money on our flights, i thought it was only right that i buy some UGG boots, which are cheaper over here, so really how could i refuse! THEY'RE SOOO COMFY!!!
Ashley wasn't feeling very well at this point so we went and sat on a bench watching the boats, some old people being attacked by birds and some random weird crazy person pretending to be a chicken for money, seriously he was crazy and for some reason ashley was really freaked out by him. So on our way past i asked him if ashley could have his picture taken and literally had to push Ashley next to him! haha! He smiles on the picture, but he assures me he was freaked out!! The picture doesnt really do the chicken man justice so we're gonna go film him!
After this experience We needed a sit down so went to the botanical Gardens and sat on another bench, no crazy birds attacked us today though!
When we got home we sorted out our flights, and they're as follows, well we think!! We are allowed to change them but hopefully now we wont!

31st October - fly to Cairns 07:05am

28th November - fly to Singapore from Cairns 13:55pm

4th December - fly to Bangkok from Singapore 22:30pm

27th December - fly to London from Bangkok 00:35am (bit of a poop time)

28th December - Fly to Manchester from London

Soooo.... we're home a LOT earlier than we thought, away for Xmas but home for new year and we come home on my Mums Birthday, so a nice/bad present... plus Ashley points out... "Our xmas shopping in Thailand will be well cheap, like a tenner for the lot" which is also good!!

So having our flights sorted we didnt have much left to do, just accomodation for singapore and thailand and changing the insurance. Well... later on we Booked some accomodation in Singapore for 6 nights, and it looks soooooo nice... click the link below to have a look:
The Hotel In Singapore

So we're pretty much sorted, we've emailed the insurance people for a quote and to see if we could upgrade or something, and we've emailed people about accomodation in Thailand. We also spoke to someone today about whether Thailand was safe, and we were told that it was fine! that lots of tourists visit each year and that it was perfectly safe! So mum, Stop Worrying!!

Some Pictures from today are on the link below:: (look for Ashley with the weird chicken man and me in my new hoody and Ugg Boots, I refused to take them off even when i got home - gonna sleep in them!)

Our Pictures

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My Birthday!!!... and new Travel Plans!

16th October!

overcast 16 °C

Today it was my 19th Birthday! YEY! So.. i woke up to a phone call from home, well... they woke me up at like 8:30am, not good, my brother, obviously forced onto the phone was very talkative as per usual 'hiya, happy birthday, bye' great! Anyhow... after that i got a 'happy birthday' song from ashley which was... nice, and a happy birthday hug! Then i put up my birthday cards which i kind of have to balance on the window sill inbetween the blinds, but i like to think it brightens things up, hehe! Well today, we didnt really have a plan, we decided that we'd go and sort out our return flights seen as we thought we'd decided what we were doing. So we headed to the terminal, and they tried to charge us £4 to get into the terminal, so being cheap we turned around and went home. Well... we went into the centre instead to the qantas office there. We spoke to this big fat gay guy who was horrible at first but turned nice. He told us that we didnt have many options and to miss out perth would be expensive because we couldnt fly direct to Hong Kong from Cairns... it was very confusing, and with my geographic knowledge being rubbish, it didnt help, ashley and the big fat gay guy were talking about thailand, i didnt even know where it was, nevermind that Bangkok was in Thailand, so i was very confused and after a while my head started to hurt. Well... this big fat gay guy told us that our best option was to fly from cairns to Singapore, stay there then fly to Bangkok (Thailand!) and this would be free on our ticket, yey! So we went away to think about it, he'd told us that Thailand was very cheap, and good for teenagers, these were both very appealing. He told us that Hong Kong was not as good for younger people like us and it had gone expensive in the last few years... so we chose the other option!! After this we were excited that we were gonna be goin to Singapore and Thailand so went home to look at hotels and apartments. The big fat gay guy was right, thailand was very cheap... one o.k. apartment was £129 for a month! crazy! so we can afford somethin swish!

After looking for apartments and hotels for about 5 hours we remembered it was my birthday! yey! and Ashleys Dad had said we could go for a meal with the credit card, yey!!! So we did, we went to an italian in Bondi Beach, i had gnocchi and Ashley had Calzone and we had choc mousse! was sooooo nice!! So Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to Tony, because without that meal it would have been a pretty poop boring birthday! :o)
So on the way home from our meal we were pretty happy, and in a bit of a silly mood so we took some random pictures of us tryna be skallies, because australia doesnt have any!! so we thought we'd bring a bit of the manc culture to Bondi, it didnt work, we didnt make such convincing townies! nevermind!

Pictures are on a link below!!!

Our Pictures!

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Crazy Birds, Crazy People and The Blue Mountains

15th October

overcast 17 °C

So its been a few days from the, basically what happened was we got another crap job and left that, it seems like every job for travellers here is annoying people which neither of us can do, so after a couple of crap days where we both got slightly fed up we've decided to have a big change of plans. Instead of stayig here 9 months and working rubbish jobs and spending half the time really bored we're going to stay three months pack in as much as we can and enjoy every day, this way we don't have to work while we're out here and we can put back all the money we spend by working when we get home.
This plan came about when we were sat in the Botanical gardens in Sydney overlooking the Opera House at sunset whilst being attacked by a savage japanese bashing bird (strange story). Anyway wespent the bulk of saturday night trying to arrange the new idea, everything going well so far BUT this morning we have to go and tell the apartment owners we're leaving here early which may cost a lot of money so we're both quite scared.
On the first day with our new outlook where we both feel much better we looked out of the window and it was raining for the first day....brilliant. We got ready anyway and decided to head into the Blue Mountains. We set of around 9 o clock thinking we could get there for about 10 and have a full day up in the mountains. We pulled into Katoomba Station around 1:30 with no idea where to go. So we bought a ticket for the most expensive bus in the world and headed for the only place we'd heard of the three sisters. We got to he look out point and like everything else in Sydney all the photos we've seen didn't do them justice. We could not believe the size of the valley and the number of trees. After Ashley took about 30 pictures (still trying to get a feature photo) we headed of on a trail through the forest surrounded by cockatoos and parrots we got very lost, we seemed to walk round in circles about 5 times. We eventually found a map and decided to head to the cafe (which apparently was a rotating cafe but we didn't notice) for some lunch, pleased because we saved a lot of money coming to the mountains on our own instead of on a tour Hannah decided to spend half her savings on chocolate for the way home.
(Hannah Takes over because even though its the first blog ashleys written, he's bored already...)
We managed to keep ourselves amused on the way home by taking silly pictures and inventing a game, we call it 'spin ashleys hat on your finger', a skillful game, and even though we made it up Ashley isisted i was doing it wrong! hmph! After that got boring, about ten minutes we turned our attention to laughing at people... this kept us amused for the rest of the journey. There was a booty walking japanese woman, this like 7ft tall woman with purple lace leggings on, and best of all this drunken girl on the train who fell asleep then wen the bell went at a station ran off the train and ran back on again... there are some weird people in sydney at night!
We reached home at around 7:30, just in time for animation domination, something ashley was particularily looking forward to. After checking emails and talking some more about the plan we then went to bed... and id pretty much forgotten it was my birthday tomorro! x

Oh, and i feel i have to explain the strange story ashley mentioned above. Well... what happened, we decided we'd go and sit on the grass hill in the gardens which overlooks the harbour, it looked pretty calm and sereen, it wasnt!! We sat down and it didnt take long before this crazy bird flew over and missed our heads by a millimetre (i may exaggerate, but it was close). we were scared, and then, it did it again, but was closer! We started laughing, i was more scared than ashley, because this bird had a sharp beak, and he was hiding behind me! So we watched it fly off then all of a sudden it flew down and hit a japanese girl in the face and then she fell over ( well we're not to sure if it hit her, but there was a crack then she fell over, so we're presuming) Well... we couldnt stop laughing, well until the bird came back and like flew close to us again, then we just ran! we went to get an ice-cream after this, to calm our nerves! hehe! x

We've ran out of pikkie uploading space, so here's a link to our pictures from today!
Click Here for Our Pictures!

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11th October

sunny 30 °C

Today was the first day where we haven't had any plans. But being in Sydney, there are LOTS of things to do, so we knew we wouldnt get stuck. I woke up today and checked my emails as per usual and was shocked to find an email from my mum! yey! so glad she can finally use email, its actually a revalation because when i left her she couldn't even turn a computer on, so progress is happening! So for that i was very happy, so i replied with a very long email!

We decided that we were going to go to Manly, which is a famous beach, the closest to Sydney and where all the surfer dudes hang out... kool! we had to get a ferry to get there, it took thirty minutes, and when we got there it was very hot! we walked down the main street to the beach, which is HUGE, and really nice, so clean and packed, even at about 10:30 in the morning. Seriously, in Sydney, EVERYONE surfs, theres old people in there 60's surfing, seriously, and like little kids, we saw two little girls carrying mini pink surf boards who were about six, so good, even fat people surf! So feeling a bit jealous because we lacked this talent we went to sit on the beach and just watch. Ashley began to moan so we went shopping. And Manly is FULL of surf dude shops, Roxy, Quicksilver, Billabong, Surfection, of which we are now regulars!

After a wee bit of shopping we headed back on the ferry and decided to try and suss out city centre shopping, we headed into town on the train (because today we bought a red travel pass which gives us unlimited travel on bus, ferry and train, so we're getting our moneys worth) but still we could not get where the main shopping centre is! Sydney Centre is that big that you get lost and end up going in circles around the block, today we got lost in chinatown... again, we just cant seem to get it, hence why we like to stay at circular quay, so much calmer and nicer!
So after we'd failed to shop again, we headed home on the train and bus on our pass, Tomorrow we have our training day, and it doesnt finish till nine, we havent stayed awake past like 7:30 yet, so it will be hard, maybe impossible, will let you know!

Oh and today was the first day i've been sun-burnt, oops.. gonna make sure i put LOADS on tomorro

P.S Sorry... no pictures, Ashleys Batteries have run out, and although i love pictures, im not at snap happy as Ashley, so probably my fault! x

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