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Sydney and the sights

5th October 2006

sunny 26 °C

Well, the jet lag is slowly getting better, well we think! And we had something to look forward to this morning, Spaghetti hoops with Extra Cheese, Ashley tells me that these are a tribute to Tony who actually was the first person in the world to have cheese in Beans, and look at us now, tinned cheese and Beans!!Spaghetti .. cheese.JPG
Well after this tasty treat we headed up again to the shopping mall at the 'top of the hill', we took a different route today and yet still its not just at the 'top of the hill'. Well... we were going to hand out CV's and photocopy ashleys but that didnt work out, so i handed mine out. After this we headed into Sydney, we got our tickets for the train and headed underground to the station, there was a train there so we ran onto it, we sat down and the train started to move, at this point we realised we didnt actually look where the train was going and so we spent the next ten minutes discreetly panicking about where the hell we were going. It turned out that we were on the right one, but not knowing where we were ment to get off we just followed the crowd.. it worked! We got off at Town Hall station, walked up the steps and just stopped, we were surrounded on all sides by the biggest skyscrapers i have ever seen, so weird, we felt so small compared to them.

So, we were in Sydney, and well after this we didnt have a plan. We had to go to the bank, and a medicare office, ashley assured me 'we'll probably just pass the bank and run into a medicare office' at this point i wasnt too sure, being about twenty times the size of manchester and we cant even find our way around that! So, we set off, i dont know what too but we must have walked around the same block about 3 times. In Sydney, the amount of people is just unbelievable, you kind of get swept along with the crowd and if you want to go the opposite way, well... tough!
We decided that the best way to see the city would be on a monorail, but it wasnt, for a brief second we forgot about blending in and rushed for our cameras to capture the sights of sydney, after about a minute we realised that no good pictures were coming from this, as we were seeing the sights of backs of shops, pretty poor. Well, we finally got off the monorail at the city centre and decided it was about time to find the bank, which apparantly is not even a bank, but level 2 in a skyscraper where travellers are packed into a room trying to find jobs and open bank accounts.

By the time we had sorted the bank account out we were very hungry and pretty cranky, so we went for some food and then come to the conclusion that we should head out of the city centre and go see the harbour. This was the best idea we'd had all day. The harbour is completely different to the city centre, so calm, the views are just amazing! At the harbour it was quiet, people were lying on the grass, eating ice cream, watching the huge boats come in and out. We just stood for ages watching the boats and looking at the opera house and the bridge, and they actually look ten times better in real life. Again we ditched the whole blending in with the locals and whipped out the cameras, at which ashley tried for about half an hour to get a picture of both of us with the bridge and opera house in, finally, thank god, he did! After this we were pretty tired so we decided we'd head home, and in half an hour in rush hour traffic we were home, so good, we're so close to the centre!!

When we got home, our phone was ringing, a lady asked for me, and well, offered me a trial at a sandwich shop on monday and said that if i liked it that she'd put me on the rota from wednesday, what can i say, my talent shines on, and i can impress australia with my wealth of sandwich making abilities. Great!
Well... i take it back, by half six we were in bed asleep, it seems we still haven't conquered jet lag! hmmmm xx
Us with Ha.. Bridge.JPGOpera House 3.JPG

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Supermarket and smiley pies

4th October 2006

sunny 20 °C

So today the plan was to go into Sydney.We woke up at 4:30am, so it was safe to say that we were jet-lagged.
Today, we did our 'BIG SHOP', and were surprised when it came to about £40, so we went back and got some more!! This time splashing out on 'luxuries such as chocolate and spaghetti hoops with extra cheese (more about them tomorro!)

We had to go and see the lady in reception to give her the bond and sort our rent out, and she was really nice. She told us about a shopping centre at Bondi Junction which she told us was at the 'top of the hill', to our surprise, well... it wasn't, and the hill was big, very big and after about an hour we reached the top and found the shopping centre and carrying on with the theme that also was very big. Ashleys jaw was on the floor when we saw the shopping centre, as it was about the size of the trafford centre but not two levels but six!! We had a wander around the centre and soon found loads of notices for jobs in the shops, which to us seemed promising. A lot of wandering later we were hungry so we went to the bottem level where we found PIE FACE!! As the name suggests this was a shop which sold Pies which had faces on them, a different face for every filling, seeing is believing! ...and trust me there was a lot of fillings, so a lot of weird faces! So it was fair to say that for Ashley there was now a replacement for greggs which he became attached to in the last week in Burnley, but where they have sausage and bean fillings PIE FACE has ricotta and sun-dried tomatoes :0 <--- that being the face on the pie.

After PIE FACE, we went to the market and bought some fruit then not fancying walking we got on a bus home. By this time (1pm) we were tired, so we thought we'd have an hours nap, we woke up at 7pm, so the jet-lag was not going great. We had to force ourselves to get up and stay awake until 12:30am, and hopefully we should be on aussie time tomorro!

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So... We're Here!!!

Bondi Beach - Sydney!

sunny 20 °C

After Italian meals on both Saturday and Sunday night, we woke up at half four on monday morning stinking of garlic but ready for the flight. We checked in at terminal 3 and then headed to the cafe to have a drink with Ashleys Grandma and Grandad and Hannahs Mum and Dad, whilst watching the planes take off and listening to air traffic control. We headed for our flight which was scheduled for 8:20am. There was a few teary goodbyes but we set off and within an hour was landing at Heathrow.
At this point we were more than starving so est est est was our first port of call, Hannah had Scrambled egg and smoked salmon on toast and Ashley had " a buffalo mozzerello, chirizo sausage, sun-ripened tomato and spinach panini' which he claims was the 'best thing ever'. After a wee spot of shopping and desperatley trying to get rid of English coins we headed for the plane and boarded for 12:15pm. The thought of twelve hours on this plane sucked, BUT... we were more than amused by the multimedia entertainment system for around half an hour, but even ashley was bored of this pretty soon, this is around 5 films later. The food was good and Hannah got her veggie meals about half an hour before everyone else... which was GOOD! We ended up sat next to a lady who had been delayed around 24 hours, which made us feel better, as we were moaning but she was not. We got talking to her and she thought she could get us some jobs, so we exchanged numbers and she promised to ring.
We were so relieved when we touched down at singapore but there was not much to do, since we didnt have any money. We made full use of the 'relaxation area' basically a bed, and the foot massager until the harsh realisation dawned upon us that this machine was full of singapore sams sweaty feet and after this we soon left!
Seven hours later, and some much needed sleep there was the call from the captain telling us we were ready for descent. We arrived in sydney at around 6:55pm and it was dark. The view was amazing, the whole city lit up and views of the harbour bridge and the opera house were stunning, and at this point we were very excited, to which the delayed lady (lilliana) responded 'i've seen it all before', and to celebrate she kindly gave us a bottle of Champagne to celebrate our stay!
After Customs, Hannah being searched and asked 'do you have the shoes on you that you wear on the farm', getting our visa, picking up our luggage and finally getting a taxi we arrived at our apartments... which were nice! We dumped our bags and headed towards the beach, but for food, and desperate to sample local cuisine and culture we found ourselves sat in mcdonalds eating big macs and fillet o' fish listening to Richard Ashcroft! We headed home after this, unpacked and fell asleep for around 10:30pm. We were excited for our day tomorro in sydney!!!

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Only two Weeks to go...

7 °C

So, its the 16th of September, and it seems like a LOT has been done since the last entry. We have now booked everything, our insurance is sorted, and our visas have been accepted, yey! relief! I can finally say that everything is ready, i've even started packing!

So now all thats left to do is work, work, work to try and save up lots and lots of money, which so far is going well... three thousand pounds and counting... come on... with thanks to Subway! hehe!

Another thing which i have done since last time is apply to university, which is weird. It seems like EVERYONE is leaving to go to Uni, and im not, a wee bit jealous but im sure australia will take my mind off it! lol

So, i realise that these blogs are pretty boring before we go to Australia, but i think they're more for my own benefit!

So excited, and looking forward to the next two weeks, my mum and dad and brother have gone on holiday and come back the day before we leave, so not much time with them, also got a lot of meals coming up, with Ashleys mum and Dad, Ashleys Nan and Grandad and My Mum and Dad, Cant wait!

Anyhow, the next time i write i should be livin' it up in Australia!!! Gonna miss lots and lots of people, but hope people will keep in touch!

[*]We fly on the 2nd October at 8:20am!

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Planning Our Trip To Australia

all seasons in one day

So, its the 2nd August and exactly two months before we depart from the UK. So far, we've booked the flights, our apartment in Sydney and our Apartment in Cairns.

Our Plan is to stay in Australia for around 11 months, allowing us time to sort out university when we get home. We plan to stay in Sydney for three months, allowing us to spend Christmas on the Beach in Bondi and New Years Eve watching the fireworks on Sydney Harbour.

Next we plan to fly to Cairns where we've booked an apartment close to the beach. We want to do loads of watersports whilst in Cairns, diving in the great barrier reef, swimming with wild dolphins, and learning to surf whilst trying our best to avoid the numerous deadly creatures!

We haven't completely decided the next part of our journey, we have booked to fly home from Perth, so we're going to spend at least one month there. On our way Home, we're visiting Hong Kong and spending four nights there.

Although its only eight weeks away from us leaving we still have so much to sort out. We still haven't managed to get visas... which is worrying, and haven't booked any travel insurance, due to lack of funds...

But, we're getting there, and with only two months to go, i'm so excited! can't wait!

Our Apartment we have booked in Bondi, Sydney

Our Apartment we have booked in Palm Cove, Cairns

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