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Good Jobs and Ice Cream

10th October

sunny 27 °C

Today was Ashleys Interview at the Rocks at Circular Quay, it was my day off from the 'gourmet sandwich' shop and so i said that i'd go with him. We were ready at ten so we decided to head into town. When we got into circular Quay we hadn't got far before we saw a huge crowd of people, being nosey we decided to watch too. It was a guy (called Joules) who was a street performer, we watched him swallow a sword, juggle fire whilst on a tightrope on one leg and walk through a pole. He was wild (ashleys description), and he was pretty funny too... shouting comments at passers by. par example, a group of workers went past in blue uniforms and he shouted too them 'Don't you just hate it when you find you've got up and dressed exactly the same as all your friends.' haha, maybe you had to be there!

After that we went for some lunch in Bakers Oven, with a dutch guy who was really shocked that i had milk in my tea and then nearly died when i asked for extra, and he saw how much i had in tea!

We then went to the rocks shops which were pretty touristy, but tacky tourist things are funny so we searched them in hope of presents funny enough to send home, we kind of suceeded. It was now around 2pm so Ashley left me alone to go to his interview, but he wasnt long and by about ten past he was back out again. He cameout smiling which i guessed was a good sign, he told me he'd got the job and that the guy was kool, (again) the money was good and the hours were flexible, sounded perfect, so when he told me that the guy said that i could have a job if i wanted i thought i should. This way we'd both be together and have shifts off together and not be left alone at night on our own, so sounded good. So i picked up the forms and we both had jobs, first thing was a training day on Thursday.

After that we were very happy, so we decided to celebrate by eating ice-cream. We went to a shop where there was a big fat jolly ice cream man, who was a very happy chappy. we got talking to him, and he told us that he knew Palm Cove, the place we were going to next, and he told us it was unbelievable, that it was a gorgeous part of the world, so that was good, and the ice-cream was good too! We sat and ate the ice cream watching boats come in and out of the harbour and listening to a crazy opera Guy.

After that we decided we were too happy to go home so got on a ferry to Darling Harbour, on which Ashley noticed an angle of the Harbour bridge that he had not yet captured, so he had to get that, but i dont think its going to win any prizes!
Day of Int..our 003.jpg
Thank God the battery Ran out or there would have been more...
Darling Harbour's pretty cute, its like a small version of sydney harbour, with loads of shops, not many good ones and loads of good bars and restaurants. We picked up a few brochures to pick my Birthday cruise from and then headed home.

At home we watched Simpsons, family guy and futurama, because now i think we're addicted, and then we fell asleep... perfect!

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Gourmet EggPlant Sandwiches

9th October

overcast 20 °C

Well today was my first day at the sandwich shop, and i was pretty scared coz the woman looked pretty nasty when i handed my Cv in. I was meant to start at eleven but a guy rang me and asked me to come in early so i was there for ten o'clock, Ashley walked with me and then left me to go on a mission to find a cheese grater.
So i soon realised that this sandwich shop was not much like Subway, infact it was a 'Gourmet' sandwich shop, so that made my current sandwich making experience pretty useless as i didnt even know what the ingredients were, i mean who wants eggplant, or artichoke or avocado on a sandich. It was really complicated and really fast, but it was ok. The people there were nice, i met a girl who was travelling too, she lived in Bondi with her boyfriend. She was French, and apparantly hated australians because she couldnt understand them, she'd mutter 'shitty australian shitty accent' every time someone ordered a sandwich which was quite amusing in a french accent. And when she didnt know a word she'd whistle then carry on. When i told ashley this, he thought that she may have French Tourettes, which makes sense i suppose! Well... i was meant to finish at 3:30 but the scary woman said 'No, u stay till 4" but ashley was waiting for me, so she insisted that i 'feed and water' him, so i made him a sandwich, a gourmet sandwich.

At 4 O'clock i got ready to leave, she put me on the rota for next week and insisted that i take some food home... i had a sandwich with eggplant on it, i felt obliged to try it! We walked home and Ashley told me that he had spoke to a guy (who he tells me was really kool) and he had an interview at the harbour tomorrow. So all was going good, i had a job, Ashley nearly had a job and we had free gourmet eggplant sandwiches, what could be better?! Oh... what is better is that Ashleys mission to find a cheese grater was successful, even if it did cost $5 and it is a hand held one! (we decided, that for that price, we were bringing the grater home and we'd flip a coin to see who got to keep it to take to university!) So all is good, and when we sort out our hours we're gonna book some Surf lessons, yey, cept i might wimp out and just do bodyboarding! xx

Today wasnt a very interesting day, and ashley clearly didnt see a winning picture at the shopping centre so no photos were taken! x

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Taronga Zoo

8th October

sunny 32 °C

We were up again early today, well we had had 15 Hours sleep. We Headed out early into Sydney Centre, we went on the bus this time and passed some really cute places, one was called Paddington, with a chip-shop named 'a fish named paddo' which we thought was kool. We reached the city and headed to wharf 2, we'd decided to go to the zoo today (something me and ashley had been excited about since we knew we were coming to Sydney) and had to get a ferry to get there. We were early for the ferry so we decided to head to the Opera House for a close up look. Ashleys discovered that on the travellerspoint website they 'feature' a photo from a persons travels each day, and now he's decided its his mission to get one of his pictures featured. So when i started to look around the little market and i turned around to find ashley was missing i thought i knew where he would be. Sure enough he was up the steps next to the opera house dangling over the railings with his camara trying to get a winning picture... i think he still has some way to go, but since he found out he hasnt put his camara away just incase there was a picture which would win.
We got on the ferry and headed over to Toronga Zoo, which turned out to be the best zoo we'd ever been too! It had soo many animals, our favourites giraffes and Bears, and some we hadnt seen before, like a 'fishing cat', or a snow leopard. They also had some animals which were pretty boring, like chickens and ducks...we skipped them! We saw a seal show, which was good. We heard a talk on Penguins, who were soo cute, tiny ones!
We went on a sky safari, we had italian food in the food market, we saw Koalas and Wombats and Kangaroos... But Our Favourite was by far the Meerkats, who were just so funny...
After that we also paid to feed the Giraffes and have our picture taken, it was sooo good, Ashley got Giraffe Slaver all over his hand and the Giraffes started fighting over our carrots. This was good because my favourite animal is the giraffe, so yer, was ace!!
By about 3 O'clock we'd seen all the animals and so decided to head home, the weather had now changed from around 32 degrees to gail force winds (17 degrees) so we were happy to head home.
When we got home ashley cooked (he cooks to avoid washing up, because we take it in turns, i've recently figured out!) we had fish, mash and veg, which reminded us of home, but it was pretty difficult on one hob, was very good though. Ashley watched a cartoon Marathon after tea and i headed to bed, i was nervous about starting work tomorro! But finally we were on Aussie Time! Yey! Sigh of Relief! x

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Coastal walk and Coogee

7th October

sunny 27 °C

So after yesterday, being a bit rubbish and all i felt a wee bit homesick but ashley managed to cheer me up being sympathetic as usual and telling me to 'stop winging'. We'd decided yesterday that we were going to do this walk that we had heard was worth doing. It was called the Eastern beaches coastal walk, and went from Bondi Beach to Coogee beach (apparantly pronounced 'COO - G'). We set off past the iceberg cafe(worth a look, very posh!)where they have an outdoor pool next to the rocks that gets all the splash from the waves and a panoramic view of Bondi Beach.
Walk from ..gee 021.jpg
We carried on up the coast to more stunning views of Bondi Beach and then headed round the corner to the next beach, which ashley calls tamaramarama, but is officially known as 'tamarama'. This beach was loads quieter than Bondi and the sea was full of bodyboarders which was ace to watch. We walked up the hill and stopped for a moment to laugh at the bin, im sure we got a few weird looks, but we found it amusing:
Walk from ..gee 023.jpg
Next was Bronte which was also nice, and had a swimming pool in the sea. It seems in Australia the sea is made for surfers not swimmers. We walked on again to Clovelly Beach which was a narrow bay which had been made into a seawater pool, where there were swimmers, rowers, kick-boxers on the beach and people doing yoga, and this was at 7:30 in the morning!
The next place we came to was Gordons Bay where again there was lots of people being very active. At Gordons Bay there was what was called an underwater nature trail, which ashley wanted to do but then realised that we had to have scuba diving equipment and a brief knowledge of how to use it. Apparently the trail was built underwater around plants and animals so you could follow it to see the different ones, ingenious i thought.
Walk from ..gee 025.jpg
After this was the last beach, Coogee, which was a lot calmer than Bondi, hardly any waves and so not many surfers. We walked down the path and were greeted by three men in pink leotards doing what looked like kung foo and being filmed by a camera crew, australians are pretty odd!
By this point we had been walking about an hour and we fancied a drink so we headed to the juice bar and had one banana and one strawberry smoothie, yum... best so far!!
We then decided to go for a swim, at this point it was really hot, but unfortunatley the sea was not and it took us about 15 minutes to build up the courage to actually get in the water, again a few weird glares from locals as ashley screamed when he got hit by cold water! We eventually got in the water and the waves seemed pretty big. We decided to name the waves, we called the big ones that didnt break 'floaters' and the ones that broke and shoved u underwater 'sinkers' we found it pretty amusing, and the big sinkers were pretty fun! So after this, we were pretty hungry and headed to a beachside cafe and had some dinner, we then headed back on the bus... a perfect day! The walk was so good today, the views were just awesome, we're so lucky to be here, couldn't help thinking that alfi and sooty, sally and sam would have loved this walk and would have loved playing in the sea at the different beaches and bays!! xx

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"cold water and a shit job" Ashleys Title

6th October (a pretty uneventful day!)

overcast 15 °C

We were hoping to get over jet lag today, but no, again we woke up at 4am, we headed down to the beach at aound 7am, which was surprisingly busy with runners, surfers and power walkers, but no sunbathers. We started to realise whilst walking down to the beach that no-one was actually in the water without wet-suits, which was a bad
sign because we weren't, and no-one was actually swimming or sunbathing; just surfers, i think this may be due to the weather looking back because yesterday morning did remind us of being back in England. Nevertheless we carried on, put down our towels and got ready to go swimming. Ashley was first, he ran and dived into the water which i was meant to film, but it took me five minutes of filming to realise that the cap was still on... oops! Ashley was mad because apparantly the water was freezing not the bath water temperatures we'd hoped for. So, thinking ashley was just being a wimp i decided to try it, yer, he wasnt joking, i think blackpool beach would have been warmer, it actually took your breath away, and the waves were that big that they dragged you head first back onto the sand, fun for about a minute! So, we didnt get our relaxing morning swim we were hoping for. We headed back onto the sand and re-clothed and decided to do a spot of people watching, which i found amusing, watching people run into the sea and run back out pink and shivering! We headed home after this, after visiting the supermarket to see if the yoghurts had improved... the answer was no.
When we got home, ashley rang a woman about a job that he had seen and she told us to come for an 'initial appointment' at 11:30am, so we rushed to get ready and look... 'business like'.
We found the place and filled in a load of forms and was told to come back at 1pm for an observational session. We didnt know what the job entailed still but they told us that we could travel on day trips with other travllers, that it would be fun and that the money was good, so we went away pretty hopeful.
After an hour of shopping and dinner at an italian takeaway (so good!) we went back to the office ready for theafternoon. We were paired up with our salesman who we were meant to be observing a french guy called james who was pretty cool, unfortunately however the job wasn't,it was door to door selling which is bad enough and it was also for a charity so the thought of getting paid for charity work kind of finished us off for the day. We soon made our excuses and left. Got back to the apartment about 5pm were asleep for six so god only knows how we're gonna manage a night out tomorrow. x

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