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Sydney and the sights

5th October 2006

sunny 26 °C

Well, the jet lag is slowly getting better, well we think! And we had something to look forward to this morning, Spaghetti hoops with Extra Cheese, Ashley tells me that these are a tribute to Tony who actually was the first person in the world to have cheese in Beans, and look at us now, tinned cheese and Beans!!Spaghetti .. cheese.JPG
Well after this tasty treat we headed up again to the shopping mall at the 'top of the hill', we took a different route today and yet still its not just at the 'top of the hill'. Well... we were going to hand out CV's and photocopy ashleys but that didnt work out, so i handed mine out. After this we headed into Sydney, we got our tickets for the train and headed underground to the station, there was a train there so we ran onto it, we sat down and the train started to move, at this point we realised we didnt actually look where the train was going and so we spent the next ten minutes discreetly panicking about where the hell we were going. It turned out that we were on the right one, but not knowing where we were ment to get off we just followed the crowd.. it worked! We got off at Town Hall station, walked up the steps and just stopped, we were surrounded on all sides by the biggest skyscrapers i have ever seen, so weird, we felt so small compared to them.

So, we were in Sydney, and well after this we didnt have a plan. We had to go to the bank, and a medicare office, ashley assured me 'we'll probably just pass the bank and run into a medicare office' at this point i wasnt too sure, being about twenty times the size of manchester and we cant even find our way around that! So, we set off, i dont know what too but we must have walked around the same block about 3 times. In Sydney, the amount of people is just unbelievable, you kind of get swept along with the crowd and if you want to go the opposite way, well... tough!
We decided that the best way to see the city would be on a monorail, but it wasnt, for a brief second we forgot about blending in and rushed for our cameras to capture the sights of sydney, after about a minute we realised that no good pictures were coming from this, as we were seeing the sights of backs of shops, pretty poor. Well, we finally got off the monorail at the city centre and decided it was about time to find the bank, which apparantly is not even a bank, but level 2 in a skyscraper where travellers are packed into a room trying to find jobs and open bank accounts.

By the time we had sorted the bank account out we were very hungry and pretty cranky, so we went for some food and then come to the conclusion that we should head out of the city centre and go see the harbour. This was the best idea we'd had all day. The harbour is completely different to the city centre, so calm, the views are just amazing! At the harbour it was quiet, people were lying on the grass, eating ice cream, watching the huge boats come in and out. We just stood for ages watching the boats and looking at the opera house and the bridge, and they actually look ten times better in real life. Again we ditched the whole blending in with the locals and whipped out the cameras, at which ashley tried for about half an hour to get a picture of both of us with the bridge and opera house in, finally, thank god, he did! After this we were pretty tired so we decided we'd head home, and in half an hour in rush hour traffic we were home, so good, we're so close to the centre!!

When we got home, our phone was ringing, a lady asked for me, and well, offered me a trial at a sandwich shop on monday and said that if i liked it that she'd put me on the rota from wednesday, what can i say, my talent shines on, and i can impress australia with my wealth of sandwich making abilities. Great!
Well... i take it back, by half six we were in bed asleep, it seems we still haven't conquered jet lag! hmmmm xx
Us with Ha.. Bridge.JPGOpera House 3.JPG

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