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Woody the One armed golfer, Gropers and Crocodile Harry

21st October

11 °C

So, we were going out tonight, and we wanted to prepare, so we didnt do ANYTHING all day, i was still in my pyjamas at 5:30pm, so we were pretty lazy!! Well... after our lazy day we got ready and headed out... IT WAS FREEEEEZING! I stupidly trusted Ashley when he said 'Its Always hot in Australia' and didnt bring a coat, well a nice guy at the busstop did offer me his but i refused, felt a bit cheeky.

Anyhow, once on the bus it was better, we got off at circular quay and started walking up towards the centre, we went in every bar on the way, but that was only two we walked around for ages and couldnt find anywhere open!! hmmm!!! So we walked back down to circular Quay in the freezing cold rain, at this point we were very annoyed and i was ready to go home! But... then we found 'Jacksons on George Street', which was just the best club ever, it had food in one room, an outdoor seating area, a sports room in the back, downstairs was a Casino and Upstairs was a club, and it was free to get in, we needent move... ever!! So first we tried watching the Rugby, Australia vs New Zealand but we didnt get it, so we went for some food. We went downstairs to the casino next, but it was too complex so we went upstairs to the club!! We were sat down literally two minutes when this very drunken guy comes and sits next to us. He was soooo drunk, but he was a funny Australian, he was telling us that he came over to England and that he hated it, that the English were all Thievin Bastards, and that he was astonished that these guys stole a crate of beer, haha, he was so mad about it!! I think he kept forgetting about us being English because he asked where we came from about 5 times, nevermind... After he had finished talking to us... which was a LONG time, he introduced us to this old man who they referred to as 'Ned Kelly', he was old, and had a beard and reminded me of a tramp we had passed early on that night, but nevermind. So this guy started talking, and talking and talking and we listened... for two hours!! He told us lots of crazy things that we thought were just ramblings of an old drunken man, but nope... all facts, we learnt about:

[*]Crocodile Harry - he told us about this guy that lives in a cave in Cooga Peedy in a cave and was once a crocodile hunter but now he sits in his cave and people pay him $2 to talk to him and he has womans underwear on his ceiling, we so just didnt believe him, but if you google it, he actually does exist!! crazy!

[*]Woody the One-Armed Golfer - Haha, apparantly one of his friends was a one armed golfer who was ranked 11th in the world... of one arm-golfers, but he told us, before bursting into laughter that Woody was annoyed that he was 11th and he said he should have been 3rd and it was due to the fact that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer whilst the trials were on... he found this hilarious!

[*]Gropers and Stone Fish - He had loads of tales to tell us about crazy fish in the barrier reef, these included (apparantly) these HUGE fish with gigantic lips which are really grumpy, he said if you got on the wrong side of a groper, well... it wasnt good, he explained after i asked if they killed u, that gropers dont have teeth, and they're not very intelligent so they gobble you up then spit you back out, whether this is true or not we're yet to discover, but Gropers exist!! He also told us about stone fish, sea snakes, that we was allergic to sea wasps! and flys! god he talked a lot!

[*]He also taught us how to throw a boomerang, and told us of his collection of boomerangs in his house, haha! now we know the difference between a good thrower and a bad thrower! get us! we've yet to throw one, but we aim to do this in Cairns.

After that we were desperate to leave, seriously he was such a nice guy, a geniunely nice, intelligent guy but we were bored and meant to be clubbing and we hadnt moved in two hours, so when he stopped for breath we made our excuses and left, but this meant we had to leave the club, so after this we went home, it was still cold and still raining so we were desperate for our bed. We missed the last train by 30 seconds, we saw it drive off, and thats after we'd bought a ticket, so in the centre of sydney, at 1am not knowing where the hell we were slightly tipsy we had to go to a cash machine, this involved a few wrong pin numbers and get a taxi home! We were soooo cold by the time we got home, so we turned to old faithfulls our hoodys and silly dog socks and a dressing gown! Perfect!!!

A link to Pictures of tonight... Only two before and One after because we forgot the camara memory card! Whoops!
Before and After our Night in Sydney

A link to the Thailand Accomodation is below:
haven't booked anything but this is our favourite up to now...
Plumeria Apartments

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