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The Brideclimb!!

20th October

all seasons in one day 19 °C

Well today was the day of our BridgeClimb and we were pretty excited!!! We'd been looking forward to doing this for ages, as soon as we knew we were coming to Sydney we knew this was the one thing we wanted to do. We'd heard bad things and good things about the Bridgeclimb but we were still excited!

It cost $169 dollars to do the climb, and you got to choose whether you wanted to do a night or a day climb, we chose night, so we had to be there for 5:45pm. But just before we were setting off there was an electrical storm, we thought it would be cancelled, but we were assured it wouldnt be. So we set off.
We got to the Bridgeclimb place and checked in for our climb, its actually like your getting on a plane. We had to sit and watch this cheesy video before going into a room where they made us fill in a disclaimer form. Well after that they gave us our uniforms, there was lots of it, a sexy boiler suit, waterproof pants, a harness, a radio, a hanky, a fleece, a waterproof coat and i had to have braces coz my harness kept falling down! Well after that we had to be trained on how to climb the bridge, so had to go on a fake bridge and learn the rules of the bridgeclimb... was easy so we set off!!
Once you were on the bridge, it was just amazing, u had to walk underneath the bridge first like on the supports, then climb up the ladders through two lanes of traffic, which was a bit scary and up to the arch of the bridge! By this time it was around 7pm and it was dark, the lights over sydney were amazing, and the view was just stunning, worth the money when we'd just got on the bridge!!
So we carried on up the arch, and the tour guide was telling us about the history of things on the way up, some interesting facts like the opera house weighs 3 times more than the harbour bridge! we carried on and as we got nearer the tops we started to see birds circling the bridge, the guide told us that moths flock to the bridge at night because of the lights, and the birds come up to get there tea, they were that close that you could see the bird catch the moth, ace! We got to the top and the view was just spectacular, Ashley wished he had his camera but your not allowed to take anything on the bridge, in case u drop it and kill someone i dont suppose.
So we got to the top and had our picture taken. We crossed over the bridge and started to descend on the other arch. This time we passed through two train tracks, but no train came.
I'm sorry if this is boring, but you can't get accross how good it was, the view was just the best, you got right on top near the australian flags, and the guide told us all the amazing facts about how many bolts there were (6 million) and how many people died and that they built it without harnesses or safety equipment! She also told us that Luna Park, which is just accross the Harbour was actually given to the residents of Sydney as a sorry for all the noise that the making of the bridge caused... bet they're not bothered now they have that view! And when we got chatting they also told us that all the steel to make the bridge actually came from Middlesborough!
Well we descended the bridge and got back to the training place, two hours after we set off. We took all our equipment off and went to get our pictures... well they were terrible, i dont know whether it was the wind, but we both looked stoned on every one, i had my eyes shut on them all, so we didnt buy any, we got our complimentary pictures, but that wasnt much better! We walked back along the harbour and looked up at the bridge, it was huge! Hard to imagine we'd just been to the top of it!!
We were hungry at this point so we set off walking to a 'Night Noodle Market' but after a 30 minute walk it was closed!! We walked around Sydney for a while, saw some clubs that looked ace, but dont think they would have let us in in our hoodies so we headed home, before going to pizza hut for some tea. Tonight was ace!! The Bridgeclimb is really worth doing, something we'll remember forever, so well worth it! And we've been inspired to go out in Sydney tomorrow night, so that should be good too! x

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