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My Birthday!!!... and new Travel Plans!

16th October!

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Today it was my 19th Birthday! YEY! So.. i woke up to a phone call from home, well... they woke me up at like 8:30am, not good, my brother, obviously forced onto the phone was very talkative as per usual 'hiya, happy birthday, bye' great! Anyhow... after that i got a 'happy birthday' song from ashley which was... nice, and a happy birthday hug! Then i put up my birthday cards which i kind of have to balance on the window sill inbetween the blinds, but i like to think it brightens things up, hehe! Well today, we didnt really have a plan, we decided that we'd go and sort out our return flights seen as we thought we'd decided what we were doing. So we headed to the terminal, and they tried to charge us £4 to get into the terminal, so being cheap we turned around and went home. Well... we went into the centre instead to the qantas office there. We spoke to this big fat gay guy who was horrible at first but turned nice. He told us that we didnt have many options and to miss out perth would be expensive because we couldnt fly direct to Hong Kong from Cairns... it was very confusing, and with my geographic knowledge being rubbish, it didnt help, ashley and the big fat gay guy were talking about thailand, i didnt even know where it was, nevermind that Bangkok was in Thailand, so i was very confused and after a while my head started to hurt. Well... this big fat gay guy told us that our best option was to fly from cairns to Singapore, stay there then fly to Bangkok (Thailand!) and this would be free on our ticket, yey! So we went away to think about it, he'd told us that Thailand was very cheap, and good for teenagers, these were both very appealing. He told us that Hong Kong was not as good for younger people like us and it had gone expensive in the last few years... so we chose the other option!! After this we were excited that we were gonna be goin to Singapore and Thailand so went home to look at hotels and apartments. The big fat gay guy was right, thailand was very cheap... one o.k. apartment was £129 for a month! crazy! so we can afford somethin swish!

After looking for apartments and hotels for about 5 hours we remembered it was my birthday! yey! and Ashleys Dad had said we could go for a meal with the credit card, yey!!! So we did, we went to an italian in Bondi Beach, i had gnocchi and Ashley had Calzone and we had choc mousse! was sooooo nice!! So Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou Thankyou to Tony, because without that meal it would have been a pretty poop boring birthday! :o)
So on the way home from our meal we were pretty happy, and in a bit of a silly mood so we took some random pictures of us tryna be skallies, because australia doesnt have any!! so we thought we'd bring a bit of the manc culture to Bondi, it didnt work, we didnt make such convincing townies! nevermind!

Pictures are on a link below!!!

Our Pictures!

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