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Crazy Birds, Crazy People and The Blue Mountains

15th October

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So its been a few days from the, basically what happened was we got another crap job and left that, it seems like every job for travellers here is annoying people which neither of us can do, so after a couple of crap days where we both got slightly fed up we've decided to have a big change of plans. Instead of stayig here 9 months and working rubbish jobs and spending half the time really bored we're going to stay three months pack in as much as we can and enjoy every day, this way we don't have to work while we're out here and we can put back all the money we spend by working when we get home.
This plan came about when we were sat in the Botanical gardens in Sydney overlooking the Opera House at sunset whilst being attacked by a savage japanese bashing bird (strange story). Anyway wespent the bulk of saturday night trying to arrange the new idea, everything going well so far BUT this morning we have to go and tell the apartment owners we're leaving here early which may cost a lot of money so we're both quite scared.
On the first day with our new outlook where we both feel much better we looked out of the window and it was raining for the first day....brilliant. We got ready anyway and decided to head into the Blue Mountains. We set of around 9 o clock thinking we could get there for about 10 and have a full day up in the mountains. We pulled into Katoomba Station around 1:30 with no idea where to go. So we bought a ticket for the most expensive bus in the world and headed for the only place we'd heard of the three sisters. We got to he look out point and like everything else in Sydney all the photos we've seen didn't do them justice. We could not believe the size of the valley and the number of trees. After Ashley took about 30 pictures (still trying to get a feature photo) we headed of on a trail through the forest surrounded by cockatoos and parrots we got very lost, we seemed to walk round in circles about 5 times. We eventually found a map and decided to head to the cafe (which apparently was a rotating cafe but we didn't notice) for some lunch, pleased because we saved a lot of money coming to the mountains on our own instead of on a tour Hannah decided to spend half her savings on chocolate for the way home.
(Hannah Takes over because even though its the first blog ashleys written, he's bored already...)
We managed to keep ourselves amused on the way home by taking silly pictures and inventing a game, we call it 'spin ashleys hat on your finger', a skillful game, and even though we made it up Ashley isisted i was doing it wrong! hmph! After that got boring, about ten minutes we turned our attention to laughing at people... this kept us amused for the rest of the journey. There was a booty walking japanese woman, this like 7ft tall woman with purple lace leggings on, and best of all this drunken girl on the train who fell asleep then wen the bell went at a station ran off the train and ran back on again... there are some weird people in sydney at night!
We reached home at around 7:30, just in time for animation domination, something ashley was particularily looking forward to. After checking emails and talking some more about the plan we then went to bed... and id pretty much forgotten it was my birthday tomorro! x

Oh, and i feel i have to explain the strange story ashley mentioned above. Well... what happened, we decided we'd go and sit on the grass hill in the gardens which overlooks the harbour, it looked pretty calm and sereen, it wasnt!! We sat down and it didnt take long before this crazy bird flew over and missed our heads by a millimetre (i may exaggerate, but it was close). we were scared, and then, it did it again, but was closer! We started laughing, i was more scared than ashley, because this bird had a sharp beak, and he was hiding behind me! So we watched it fly off then all of a sudden it flew down and hit a japanese girl in the face and then she fell over ( well we're not to sure if it hit her, but there was a crack then she fell over, so we're presuming) Well... we couldnt stop laughing, well until the bird came back and like flew close to us again, then we just ran! we went to get an ice-cream after this, to calm our nerves! hehe! x

We've ran out of pikkie uploading space, so here's a link to our pictures from today!
Click Here for Our Pictures!

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