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Gourmet EggPlant Sandwiches

9th October

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Well today was my first day at the sandwich shop, and i was pretty scared coz the woman looked pretty nasty when i handed my Cv in. I was meant to start at eleven but a guy rang me and asked me to come in early so i was there for ten o'clock, Ashley walked with me and then left me to go on a mission to find a cheese grater.
So i soon realised that this sandwich shop was not much like Subway, infact it was a 'Gourmet' sandwich shop, so that made my current sandwich making experience pretty useless as i didnt even know what the ingredients were, i mean who wants eggplant, or artichoke or avocado on a sandich. It was really complicated and really fast, but it was ok. The people there were nice, i met a girl who was travelling too, she lived in Bondi with her boyfriend. She was French, and apparantly hated australians because she couldnt understand them, she'd mutter 'shitty australian shitty accent' every time someone ordered a sandwich which was quite amusing in a french accent. And when she didnt know a word she'd whistle then carry on. When i told ashley this, he thought that she may have French Tourettes, which makes sense i suppose! Well... i was meant to finish at 3:30 but the scary woman said 'No, u stay till 4" but ashley was waiting for me, so she insisted that i 'feed and water' him, so i made him a sandwich, a gourmet sandwich.

At 4 O'clock i got ready to leave, she put me on the rota for next week and insisted that i take some food home... i had a sandwich with eggplant on it, i felt obliged to try it! We walked home and Ashley told me that he had spoke to a guy (who he tells me was really kool) and he had an interview at the harbour tomorrow. So all was going good, i had a job, Ashley nearly had a job and we had free gourmet eggplant sandwiches, what could be better?! Oh... what is better is that Ashleys mission to find a cheese grater was successful, even if it did cost $5 and it is a hand held one! (we decided, that for that price, we were bringing the grater home and we'd flip a coin to see who got to keep it to take to university!) So all is good, and when we sort out our hours we're gonna book some Surf lessons, yey, cept i might wimp out and just do bodyboarding! xx

Today wasnt a very interesting day, and ashley clearly didnt see a winning picture at the shopping centre so no photos were taken! x

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