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Second Surf and Still Cant Stand!

24th October

sunny 27 °C

We woke up this morning for the second time to the tune of some guy learning to play the drums in the apartment block behind us, really annoying. And this morning I was Aching so much!!! We didnt have time to do much this morning, our lesson was at 11am so we got ready and headed out. Again we made time for SEJUICED, we couldnt resist, Ashley had Ruhbarb and Yoghurt this morning and i had fruit salad and we both had Banana bread, which is really popular alternative to bread over here. So after this we headed for our lesson, got wetsuits on again and headed out. Today there was about ten of us, they asked us who were very beginners and who had had a few lessons, so they split us up. To make numbers meet, they put me and Ashley in the not beginners group, cringe! i soon learnt that everyone could stand up in this class, and to me at least they looked pretty good, so i was scared again, because i couldnt even do the technique of standing up on the beach let alone in the water, and ashley was good at it on the beach!! hmmm... so on our way out and when i started to get battered i was ready to quit but our instructor, today a girl told me not to give up and to at least try it... so i did! Wow, im so happy i did, we didnt get as many waves today, was quieter, but we went further out, and i got ONE LEG UP!! HAHA! i tried to stand up, but after paddling over the waves my arms couldnt even hold me up, so i had no chance, but ya know one leg is good enough for me. As for Ashley he stood up once, but when we had come back in the shallow. We came out of the water happier than yesterday, and i think im hooked!!! the thing about surfing is, that even if your really rubbish, its still fun, i got battered through falling off today but we still came up smiling, its so good when the wave brings you in!!! We did however both come in Knackered, our arms Ache, our legs ache, so tomorro should be... fun! The plan after the lesson was to go home for lunch, but walking past the surfish cafe we couldnt resist so went here again, was sooo good! It was really hot today so we headed to the pool for a swim, rounded off an ace day.
I'm so glad now that we tried surfing, whether i stand up or not tomorro i still enjoyed surfing and think Everyone should try it!! I only wish they did it in England more because i think we would have had a few more lessons!!

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Surfing, Surfish Seafood and SandCastles

23rd October

sunny 27 °C

Well... today was our FIRST surf lesson, and i was pretty scared, not scared of dying, just scared because Bondi gets pretty crowded and people watch surfers and i knew that i'd be rubbish. So we set off for Bondi, our lesson was at 11:30am, so we headed for some breakfast at SEJUICED first, SEJUICED is just the best, smoothies and anything healthy!!! Ashley had a Breakfast roll and i had muesli with Yoghurt and they both were ace! we then headed further along the beach to the surf lesson place, we had to fill in a few reg forms which like said if we died it wasnt there fault and they passed us some wetsuits. Having not really had a wetsuit on before, well i wasnt expecting much but seriously... you cant breathe in them, and they told me your not meant to, so they wernt that comfy. Well we toddled off to the platform where we met with other people in our lesson and we were happy to learn that there were beginners there too, and an English person yey! So we headed onto the beach, did some stretches, got our boards and headed onto the sand. Here they taught us the safety procedures, and how to paddle, and how to stand up then we headed out to try it, i was feeling more relaxed at this point. Well... what can i say, we tried it, we loved it, first we started by just lying on the board and catching a wave.... SOOOOO much fun!!! and that bits easy!! We came back onto the sand just loving it! then the guide taught us again how to stand up and we went back out to try it. This wasnt so easy, it isnt half as easy to stand up as it looks, in fact its very hard, Ashley managed it twice for around a second, but i couldnt do it, instead i somehow landed on my knees, but that was also fun! The waves are huge at Bondi, well... compared to Blackpool and i got battered quite a lot, when your trying to get out to sea to get the waves well they come in and land on you and there was a few occasions where my head went into tha sand, me and the board were picked up and thrown onto the sand, i got huge gulps of water, i landed on someone else and when the board landed on top of me. All of these hurt!! So when i got out, i wasnt that impressed! But Nevermind. So we got changed after our lesson and we were pretty hungry, surfing is surprisingly VERY tiring, so we went to the 'Surfish Seafood Cafe' and had some food, i tried Barramundi, its was sooo good, and Ashley had Chicken Burger... but anyway... after that we headed to the beach for a while and played, like two year olds in the sand for about an hour...

Link to Pictures of us ont Beach...
Us On the Beach!!!

We later headed home and into the Freezing swimming pool before going to the apartment for a warm shower... was fun today, and i hope tomorrow that i can stand up for at least a second on the surf board, but i dont think its possible!!!

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Big Breakfasts and Bondi Market

22nd October

sunny 22 °C

Well we woke up early this morning due to our relatively later than usual night, and decided that we couldnt be bothered making food, so we wandered down to Bondi front to a small surfers bar on the beach front and had one 'big brekky' and one 'veggie brekky', was really good and they managed to make a greasy full english healthy, i even had spinach! yum! So after this we went to Mango surf shop and Ashley bought a t-shirt, which is nice. Then we wandered down the road and noticed some market shops, we had a look round and bought some bangles, then walked further and there was a HUGE market, it was ace, sold loads of nice things. It had like local designers selling there hand made clothing, and hand made jewellery and soap. They also had these cute like tiles which you could have your own pictures printed onto, very nice, but we're not here long enough to have it done. We also found this book shop where we got a rough guide to Thailand and a Lonely Planet guide to Singapore, these were $11 altogether, so a bargain!! After reading the books we also learnt that Pattaya, in Thailand the place we were supposed to be going (the accomodation link in the last blog) is absolutley awful, the main attraction is prostitutes and drugs, apparantly it says that the welcome sign to pattaya also advertises ecstasy, so yer, not going there anymore!!! We've decided now that we might take a plane down to Phuket which is a small island just off thailand, which is soooo nice!!! a lot different to Pattaya, but a bit more pricey, havent found any accomodation there yet though! Anyway, back to today, well we didnt buy much more, i was lured in by a nice purse which i bought for $20, the second one i've bought this trip, but not to worry, not that expensive. At this point it was pretty late and wanting to prepare for our surfing we went home and had tea, seems like a short day, but we did only get up at like twelve!! xx

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Woody the One armed golfer, Gropers and Crocodile Harry

21st October

11 °C

So, we were going out tonight, and we wanted to prepare, so we didnt do ANYTHING all day, i was still in my pyjamas at 5:30pm, so we were pretty lazy!! Well... after our lazy day we got ready and headed out... IT WAS FREEEEEZING! I stupidly trusted Ashley when he said 'Its Always hot in Australia' and didnt bring a coat, well a nice guy at the busstop did offer me his but i refused, felt a bit cheeky.

Anyhow, once on the bus it was better, we got off at circular quay and started walking up towards the centre, we went in every bar on the way, but that was only two we walked around for ages and couldnt find anywhere open!! hmmm!!! So we walked back down to circular Quay in the freezing cold rain, at this point we were very annoyed and i was ready to go home! But... then we found 'Jacksons on George Street', which was just the best club ever, it had food in one room, an outdoor seating area, a sports room in the back, downstairs was a Casino and Upstairs was a club, and it was free to get in, we needent move... ever!! So first we tried watching the Rugby, Australia vs New Zealand but we didnt get it, so we went for some food. We went downstairs to the casino next, but it was too complex so we went upstairs to the club!! We were sat down literally two minutes when this very drunken guy comes and sits next to us. He was soooo drunk, but he was a funny Australian, he was telling us that he came over to England and that he hated it, that the English were all Thievin Bastards, and that he was astonished that these guys stole a crate of beer, haha, he was so mad about it!! I think he kept forgetting about us being English because he asked where we came from about 5 times, nevermind... After he had finished talking to us... which was a LONG time, he introduced us to this old man who they referred to as 'Ned Kelly', he was old, and had a beard and reminded me of a tramp we had passed early on that night, but nevermind. So this guy started talking, and talking and talking and we listened... for two hours!! He told us lots of crazy things that we thought were just ramblings of an old drunken man, but nope... all facts, we learnt about:

[*]Crocodile Harry - he told us about this guy that lives in a cave in Cooga Peedy in a cave and was once a crocodile hunter but now he sits in his cave and people pay him $2 to talk to him and he has womans underwear on his ceiling, we so just didnt believe him, but if you google it, he actually does exist!! crazy!

[*]Woody the One-Armed Golfer - Haha, apparantly one of his friends was a one armed golfer who was ranked 11th in the world... of one arm-golfers, but he told us, before bursting into laughter that Woody was annoyed that he was 11th and he said he should have been 3rd and it was due to the fact that his mother had been diagnosed with cancer whilst the trials were on... he found this hilarious!

[*]Gropers and Stone Fish - He had loads of tales to tell us about crazy fish in the barrier reef, these included (apparantly) these HUGE fish with gigantic lips which are really grumpy, he said if you got on the wrong side of a groper, well... it wasnt good, he explained after i asked if they killed u, that gropers dont have teeth, and they're not very intelligent so they gobble you up then spit you back out, whether this is true or not we're yet to discover, but Gropers exist!! He also told us about stone fish, sea snakes, that we was allergic to sea wasps! and flys! god he talked a lot!

[*]He also taught us how to throw a boomerang, and told us of his collection of boomerangs in his house, haha! now we know the difference between a good thrower and a bad thrower! get us! we've yet to throw one, but we aim to do this in Cairns.

After that we were desperate to leave, seriously he was such a nice guy, a geniunely nice, intelligent guy but we were bored and meant to be clubbing and we hadnt moved in two hours, so when he stopped for breath we made our excuses and left, but this meant we had to leave the club, so after this we went home, it was still cold and still raining so we were desperate for our bed. We missed the last train by 30 seconds, we saw it drive off, and thats after we'd bought a ticket, so in the centre of sydney, at 1am not knowing where the hell we were slightly tipsy we had to go to a cash machine, this involved a few wrong pin numbers and get a taxi home! We were soooo cold by the time we got home, so we turned to old faithfulls our hoodys and silly dog socks and a dressing gown! Perfect!!!

A link to Pictures of tonight... Only two before and One after because we forgot the camara memory card! Whoops!
Before and After our Night in Sydney

A link to the Thailand Accomodation is below:
haven't booked anything but this is our favourite up to now...
Plumeria Apartments

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The Brideclimb!!

20th October

all seasons in one day 19 °C

Well today was the day of our BridgeClimb and we were pretty excited!!! We'd been looking forward to doing this for ages, as soon as we knew we were coming to Sydney we knew this was the one thing we wanted to do. We'd heard bad things and good things about the Bridgeclimb but we were still excited!

It cost $169 dollars to do the climb, and you got to choose whether you wanted to do a night or a day climb, we chose night, so we had to be there for 5:45pm. But just before we were setting off there was an electrical storm, we thought it would be cancelled, but we were assured it wouldnt be. So we set off.
We got to the Bridgeclimb place and checked in for our climb, its actually like your getting on a plane. We had to sit and watch this cheesy video before going into a room where they made us fill in a disclaimer form. Well after that they gave us our uniforms, there was lots of it, a sexy boiler suit, waterproof pants, a harness, a radio, a hanky, a fleece, a waterproof coat and i had to have braces coz my harness kept falling down! Well after that we had to be trained on how to climb the bridge, so had to go on a fake bridge and learn the rules of the bridgeclimb... was easy so we set off!!
Once you were on the bridge, it was just amazing, u had to walk underneath the bridge first like on the supports, then climb up the ladders through two lanes of traffic, which was a bit scary and up to the arch of the bridge! By this time it was around 7pm and it was dark, the lights over sydney were amazing, and the view was just stunning, worth the money when we'd just got on the bridge!!
So we carried on up the arch, and the tour guide was telling us about the history of things on the way up, some interesting facts like the opera house weighs 3 times more than the harbour bridge! we carried on and as we got nearer the tops we started to see birds circling the bridge, the guide told us that moths flock to the bridge at night because of the lights, and the birds come up to get there tea, they were that close that you could see the bird catch the moth, ace! We got to the top and the view was just spectacular, Ashley wished he had his camera but your not allowed to take anything on the bridge, in case u drop it and kill someone i dont suppose.
So we got to the top and had our picture taken. We crossed over the bridge and started to descend on the other arch. This time we passed through two train tracks, but no train came.
I'm sorry if this is boring, but you can't get accross how good it was, the view was just the best, you got right on top near the australian flags, and the guide told us all the amazing facts about how many bolts there were (6 million) and how many people died and that they built it without harnesses or safety equipment! She also told us that Luna Park, which is just accross the Harbour was actually given to the residents of Sydney as a sorry for all the noise that the making of the bridge caused... bet they're not bothered now they have that view! And when we got chatting they also told us that all the steel to make the bridge actually came from Middlesborough!
Well we descended the bridge and got back to the training place, two hours after we set off. We took all our equipment off and went to get our pictures... well they were terrible, i dont know whether it was the wind, but we both looked stoned on every one, i had my eyes shut on them all, so we didnt buy any, we got our complimentary pictures, but that wasnt much better! We walked back along the harbour and looked up at the bridge, it was huge! Hard to imagine we'd just been to the top of it!!
We were hungry at this point so we set off walking to a 'Night Noodle Market' but after a 30 minute walk it was closed!! We walked around Sydney for a while, saw some clubs that looked ace, but dont think they would have let us in in our hoodies so we headed home, before going to pizza hut for some tea. Tonight was ace!! The Bridgeclimb is really worth doing, something we'll remember forever, so well worth it! And we've been inspired to go out in Sydney tomorrow night, so that should be good too! x

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